🔑Security and risk management

  • The NFT assets on the Polysport platform mainly rely on the public chain (Polygon/Ethereum) for asset confirmation. The asset wallets on the Polysport platform are provides online asset access services for platform users, and offline storage of certain assets. In the future, hardware encryption machines will also be considered to further improve the security of assets.

  • In addition to the smart contracts on the chain, the Polysport game platform is also a distributed service based on Starkfinance, which mainly handles asset games and other businesses on the platform. All API interaction interfaces/sensitive data are cryptographically signed and stored to ensure the information and data security of the platform.

  • At the same time, the common functions of assets in the game, such as NFTs are abstracted to shape independent asset risk control servers. In the future, we will also consider publishing this part of the common logic on the chain to increase transparency and be available for other games.

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