📆Development plan

  • The team is currently developing a custom market where all Polysport NFTs will be tradable. As a bonus for the Polysport game, a proportion of the fees generated on the Market will be allocated to the Polysport game pool.

  • Marketplace provides a platform where users can buy and sell various NFTs with each other. Users can set the price of their own NFTs and initiate sales orders. Buyers can buy what they like with listing prices. After the transaction is done, buyers will receive the NFTs from the seller, where a certain percentage of transaction fees and NFT royalties are drawn from the transaction amount. The marketplace is used both inside our game apps and on Starkfinance's official websites.

  • We may develop our own NFT Marketplace. And we may also consider providing APIs to third-party partners and authorizing them to build up the NFT Marketplaces.

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