📚Project FAQ

Which blockchain is Polysport launched on?

Polysport is now launched on Polygon Chain.

Which wallets can players use?

Players can use crypto wallet as Metamask, Trust, Safepal to play Polysport game.

What is the price of minting box?

  • Bronze Box: 100 PLS

  • Silver Box: 200 PLS

  • Gold Box: 300 PLS

How are the fees for trading on the marketplace?

We charge a 0.5% fee to the seller on the marketplace

How is reward pool for players?

80% of PLS tokens which are used to mint box will be transferred directly to the reward pool

What is the withdrawal mechanism?

There are 3 options to withdraw PLS to your wallet:

  • Withdraw now: 65% amount of PLS

  • Withdraw after 24h: 80% amount of PLS

  • Withdraw after 72h: 100% amount of PLS

How many types of NFTs are there?

NFTs have 5 different rarities from 1 to 5 stars corresponding to 5 colors: Silver, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby and Gold.

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